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ISO / IEC 17025:2017
Contract Research Services
Food-Related Services

Offering Veterinary Pharmaceutical
R&D Solutions

  • Clinical trials for animal drugs
  • Quality control studies
  • Specification testing
  • Safety studies

For All Food-Related Needs
? We Are Here

  • Food safety testing and analysis
  • Food safety consultation
  • Determining which test program is best for your product

About the corporate

Creating a Safe and Healthy Food Environment.

Established in 1998, Shokukanken Inc. has been tirelessly working to fulfill its mission: to contribute to food safety all the way up from food production and processing to creating a socio-economic structure to support the wellbeing of people and healthy living environments.

Our pursuit of safety is a promise of “taste” ? using our extensive technological expertise and knowledge, we offer the best solutions to meet your needs in food safety testing and analysis, whether it is livestock products or general food manufacturing and processing.